ScrumAA Goals

The Scrum Academy of Alabama ScrumAA Goals

ScrumAA Goals
ScrumAA Goals

ScrumAA is a Scrum & Agile Management Training Center based in Huntsville Alabama. The Academy's main goals are to help organizations and institutions improve their performance by quickly adapting to changes, pushing new IT solutions to the market while maximizing the return on investment

Our awesome trainers are highly familiar with the Scrum Methodology and have successfully coached a number of organizations in the full transitioning to the Scrum methodology from the traditional project management approach, the Waterfall.

We have more than 8 years of experience as both trainers and practitioners and we will guide and train your organization to become a very mature organization in a short period of time. Our brilliant team will make that happens, and this is our promise.

Please read more about The ScrumAA by visiting the "About Us" page

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